"A fabulous throwback to an era when music was quality fun and glorious" - Raj Rudolph, Electroqueer

"'Love the Groove' by Paleday is super-groove disco pop at its most serious and most effective. Stunningly performed and superbly produced, 'Love The Groove' hits the mark and gets the job done - wonderfully honest but beautifully handled 'Love the Groove' by Paleday is prime party produce - oh yeh!!" -

"Classic, melody infused...deep & dreamy...even stronger with an emotive male vocal - 4/5" - International DJ Magazine (about Transatlantic featuring Paleday)

"Very commendable...strong vocals...well developed...the vocal puts it's weight behind the mix - 4/5" - DJ Magazine (about Transatlantic featuring Paleday)

"If ABC were still around today, they'd be making music like these guys - except probably not as good." - Kevin Greening, SmoothFM

“Melodic Pop Gods” - QX MAGAZINE

"Their 80s-influenced pop is happy, vocals-driven confection of the purest kind, with Jackson Stubbs and Stephen Farrier proving they know how to put together classic chart music" -

“With a sound ranging from melodic pop with snappy synth lines to hi-NRG disco guitar riffs á la Chic, they have steadily built an audience of good-time people. Slick & shimmering pop” - EVENING STANDARD

“Hyperactive, much admired, pure pop” - TIME OUT – LONDON

“The debut album from the hotly-tipped British Academy of Composers & Songwriters' best new writers, as you would expect, is packed top to tail with ear-friendly songs which range from quality chilled ballads to discofied groovers. Vocally, this album is immaculate with tracks like Kissing In Blue possessing backing vocals Brian Wilson would be proud of. In an age of moronic boy bands and faceless dance hits, Paleday shine like a diamond in the dust” - TNT Magazine

"Paleday are rapidly making their presence felt on the music scene. The music is melodic, catchy and pretty good lyrically too. This latest single should arouse some interest from the radio stations come the New Year when they're desperate to announce who the 'next big thing' is going to be. Watch out... Paleday may well be it." - NOW UK Magazine

"Shimmering sound. I'll be playing this over and over again." - Amy Lamé, BBC London Live


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