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NB: Everyone in the PALEDAY Band is a boy. Apparently.

"Paleday are a unique, live, pop outfit. There's nobody quite like us performing today. We give great metrosexual head, musically speaking. Paleday are creamier than a gay cow and hot enough to melt Madonna's confessional glitterballs. You won't see us up on a cross because we have too much fun getting down! We are the Cool Party People." - Anthony Jackson-Stubbs

Let's face it. What happened to all the great shows? The bands you could sing along to. With tunes you actually remember, and characters that make you smile. When did you last actually dance to a live band? Well, whip out your glad-rags and your best shades, as we introduce you to PALEDAY. Imagine a new Bee Gees with Chic riffs, Mika quirkiness and a Scissor Sisters edge. Combine that with a variety and quality of material that Abba wouldn't be ashamed of. Whether you hear the tracks they produce, or their 6-piece live band, the result is the same. Catchy melodies, massive harmonies, irrepressible hooks and a groove that just won't let go. And just a tiny, tasty bit camp!


Anthony Jackson-Stubbs - lead vocals, co-writer, producer. Looks rather fetching in a bowler hat and what he can't do with a boa is nobody's business. Will flirt if provoked, but generally remains adorable.

Stephen - vocals, co-writer, producer, director. Stephen also does clever stuff at one of the UK's top drama schools, and brings his artistic flair to Paleday. Razor-sharp wit and photogenic too, some people have all the luck.

Sam - vocals. A huge star in his own right, He's also a fine writer, and was instrumental in the conception of Cool Party People, one of our recently published and much loved tracks. Sam was previously signed to EMI, selling 40,000 records with his own group in Japan. He brings glamour and a certain je ne sais quoi to the band, keeping the rest of the boys in check with those gorgeous looks and an icey stare. Sam has recently appeared as frontman for legendary band Culture Club.

Steve - drums. Our latest addition, he's a lean, mean and...well, actually, he's not mean at all, he's lovely and plays some of the best fills this side of Mt Light Entertainment. The Paleday equivalent of Animal. (Even softer and fluffier). He's worked with everyone from McFly to Diana Ross.

Alex - guitar. Music journalist and jazz supremo Alex is the youngest member of Paleday, bringing superb funk and disco riffs with him for good measure. He puts us in mind of a young Barry Gibb. Hot.

Phil - bass. With his six string bass, Phil simply makes love to those low frequencies. He also drives a mean tour bus, has been known to party slighter harder than is wise, and leaves everyone swooning.


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